Making a difference for future generations.

Pacific Forge's Sustainable Practices.

Pacific Forge is making a significant difference in the industry by creating a cleaner and more sustainable path for generations to come.

Our Forging Process

Sustainable manufacturing that is beneficial to the environment and financially feasible to maintain.

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1. The forging process creates parts that have significant advantages in strength, fatigue, toughness, grain refinement and directionality that make forged parts highly advantageous in critical applications compared to other manufacturing processes. In many cases, forged products can be smaller than parts made from other manufacturing processes since they are much stronger.

2. Die forgings use much less raw material than machining parts from bar stock. The manufacture of raw material has some significant financial and environment costs so using less of it is very beneficial.

3. Near net shape die forgings require a smaller amount of secondary processing compared to fabrication from bar stock. There is less machining time and lower weight in heat treatment.

4. All excess metal (trim pieces) produced in die forging are completely recyclable. Any scrap generated is also 100% recyclable. When the parts reach the end of their service life, they are also recyclable. There is no waste material going to landfills.

5. Casting of parts often results in shrinkage or porosity. In these cases, the material must be remelted at very high temperatures. forging completely eliminates this type of re-processing which uses a lot of energy and has additional costs.

6. The die forging process is very rapid. The time needed to form a part is often measured in seconds. This makes it a very efficient process that uses much less energy than competing processes which require much more time to make a part.

7. Die forging jobs, particularly in the aerospace sector, offer sustainable and well-paid employment and provide a significant financial benefit to their communities.

Our Operations

Implementing change that matters by optimizing resources, maintaining compliance, strong quality & safety solutions, and commitment to ethics.

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1.Supporting the worldwide aerospace initiative to reach NET-ZERO emissions by 2050 through the develop of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) which will reduce aircraft emissions by up to 80%. Pacific Forge does this by forging parts for engine technology which allows use of SAFs.

2. Forging aerospace alloys into parts and avoiding the requirement to melt metal which results in a net energy reduction of 5 million BTUs/ton of parts produced.

3. Using recuperative technology and high efficiency burners to limit natural gas consumption on steam-driven forging equipment.

4. Partnering with emerging technology companies to explore the use of hydrogen combustion technology to supersede fossil-fuels.

5. Recycling nearly 100 tons/yr of metal to be reused in creating consumer products and parts and eliminating this as a landfill source.

6. Utilizing induction heating technology to reduce the need to burn natural gas.

7. Installing energy efficient lighting.

8. Encouraging employees to carpool

9. Installing natural landscaping with native plants to eliminate the need for watering.

10. Recycling consumables ranging from cardboard to pallets to office paper waste.

Pacific Forge sustainability Energy Savings

Community Involvement

Working to improve our community through supporting our veterans, community engagement, and education.

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Pacific Forge is committed to contributing to social sustainability and community support in the following ways:

1. Supporting and hiring Veterans — They served our country, we are serving them.

2. Educational Opportunities — Making where we live and work a better place through educational internship endeavors and investing in growing the skills needed for tomorrow's workforce.

3. Diversity & Inclusion — Keeping an open and respectful environment where every employee is inspired to contribute their best work and grow their careers while impacting our community for good.

4. Guide Dogs of America — Our love for dogs translates into promoting awareness and partnering in this program to provide guide dogs to serve individuals who are blind/visually impaired and service dogs for veterans and children with autism.

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