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Quality Policy

Pacific Forge takes meticulous care to create superior products.

Pacific Forge is committed to meeting the requirements of AS9100 and all regulatory bodies. Pacific Forge and its employees shall furnish products and services which meet or exceed all customer requirements. To meet this commitment, we will strive for continuous improvement by setting quality objectives within the organization for all relevant processes. We are committed to managing our activities and associated resources as a series of planned processes to produce the right product, at the right time with minimum waste.

Quality Policy
Environmental health and safety policy
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Pacific Forge is the leading producer of high precision quality closed die forgings

Environmental Health & Safety Policy

Pacific Forge is committed to upholding the highest standards of EH&S performance.

Compliance to all regulatory health, safety and environmental standards is paramount. Pacific Forge is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and stakeholders, maintaining the highest standard of environmental performance which protects and sustains the natural resources to which we are entrusted, and responsibly managing the assets of the company to benefit our shareholders, employees and families, our community, and our environment. Pacific Forge shall do this with responsible and ethical decision making, open and honest communications, and active and effective partnership with appropriate external partners and agencies.