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We are One Team. One Direction. Our direction is straightforward; we are committed to the success of our customers. We are neither sleek nor racy. We are genuine Americans proud to practice our craft of providing high-quality, premium forged parts for forward-thinking aerospace, marine, alternative energy, and transportaiton markets.

We focus on goal-oriented behaviors in a relentless spirit of pursuing improvement and compressing delivery schedules while never losing sight of our quality reputation. We invest wisely in our assets to position ourselves in a marketplace that demands ever-increasing levels of performance.

If it's a challenge, we have only one answer.
We accept.


Forged in the U.S.A.

Since 1945 Pacific Forge has been present in Southern California as a proud, American, premium, closed-die forger of precision parts for the aerospace, marine, alternative energy, and transportation markets. Our forges have produced parts for World War II, have seen the coming of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station, and today service nearly every major aircrft program in existence.

Manufacturing on 20 acres in Fontana, California, Pacific Forge offers over six decades of master blacksmithing experience and state-of-the-art technology. This fusion of elements allows us to lead the industry in world-class customer service, quality, and value. We are committed to excellence and have developed long-term partnerships that evolved alongside the rich history of the Southern California aerospace markets.

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