• Leading Producer of High-Precision Closed-Die Forgings to the Aerospace, Aircraft, and Oil Industries
  • Global Certificate: ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D.
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world-class customer service customization capabilities will customize any product to your specifications

World-Class Customer Service

Throughout history, when someone needed a part to be made with strength, durability and quality, they always brought it to the blacksmith. Today we encourage our customers to "bring it to us." We create highly sophisticated parts for the most modern aircraft and military machinery by marring the old proven methods and machinery with new technology.

Here at Pacific Forge, we strive for excellence in all we do. Our top priority is our customers' complete product satisfaction. When a customer comes to us with a need, we take care of them quickly and with meticulous care for product integrity. Our state-of-the-art facility houses the most current technology to create the highest quality products for the best prices in the industry.

Our team comes alongside the customer to co-create a product with our state of the art engineering and CAD capabilities. Our customers always have direct access to the decision makers within Pacific Forge throughout the entire process. With over 30 years of experience working together as a team we trust each other to make things happen and to create an exceptional product every time. Place your trust in Pacific Forge for strength of components and lasting quality.

Quick Turnaround

Pacific Forge remains flexible and responsive to our customers' needs. We understand the critical nature of speedy delivery and strive to maintain the shortest lead-time possible. Our engineers use proven technology to triple check for accuracy and solve any issues before a part is produced. This quality control process significantly reduces turnaround time for our customers.

On-Site Capabilities

We can offer the quickest turnaround because of our on-site capabilities. In addition to our Engineering Department we can do the following on site processes: grinding, shot blasting, hardness testing, magnetic particle inspection, trimming and coining. We also have a die shop on site that machines and maintains our tooling.

Production Tours

You are invited to come and visit our shop. We welcome the opportunity to show our facility and discuss any and all of your needs. We know that once you get an opportunity to see what we can do, you will want to start your project right away. Our family of forging professionals is here for one reason—to serve you.

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